Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Closet

Dedicated to Maurice Sendak


  1. brian miller - 1 reply why is it that they or we will never get to see it and you only feel comfortable being wild, not for me to know...i am just glad you have the moments you wild rumpus you know...smiles...

    claudia 1 week ago ·
    smiles...i'm glad you dance with them...but you really shouldn't keep them locked away you know...smiles

    Aaron Kent 1 week ago ·
    Sometimes it's better to keep our wild rumpus' to ourselves, let the monsters only be seen by ourself an never betray their joy with the eyes of others.
    Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

    Heaven 1 week ago ·
    I believe you..there are some things we keep locked inside ourselves. I always enjoy your posting ~

  2. Shelley 1 week ago ·
    I love this poem...I think I used to get glimpses .....but society and age encourages us to keep our monsters hidden and I'm not quite sure if that of fear of rejection or if we just want to keep them for us it...:o)

    wordwand 1 week ago ·
    if we divulge what we pile up inside and locked them in , our soul will fall apart , it s part of our "humanity".well done sir.

    Chazinator 1 week ago ·
    I liked this very much. Unfortunately, I think, there are things that our loved ones may never know about us. Perhaps in another time beyond time, these things will become known. As we go through life, the experiences of childhood mold us into who we are, so perhaps in that sense others do know those times which childhood gave us. I love the way that you so transparently reflect the emotions of the heart, the thoughts of the soul.

  3. clawfish 1 week ago ·
    Beautifully filled with feeling but not cloying like a sickly sweet

    Dawn 1 week ago ·
    I keep my monsters under lock and key as well. However, I have been told they show their ugly faces after a few too many beverages...