Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carried Home

Let this carry you forward
In the time of unknown
When the flame feeds on wax
That does not diminish
Burning brightly like sun
Radiating unity beyond reach
Staying strong and resilient
In the coming winds of uncertainty

Let this ivory candle light the way
Through divergent paths past the solstice
Giving guidance and certainty
In times of the uncertain
Illuminating footfalls on uneven ground
As all else falls away into summer
Drifting in a sea where nothing is lost

Let this flame find you
In the darkness of the day
When despair settles in
Beyond the reach of the sun
When days pile into days
And road washes away from unseen storms
Let it carry you forth
Over times of loss
Out of perdition
And into in the equinox
Where once again you are home


  1. Really enjoyed reading and re-reading this. I think the last stanza got me the most. Nice.

  2. smiles....perfect little light house the way so they can find their way home, no matter what has come between

  3. really nice read, some neat lines here, strong reflective piece. thanks